The Baby Years
The story of me


When I was born, I came out kicking and screaming. I wasn't quite ready to leave my cozy studio apartment -- especially since I just had installed a surround-sound system. Needless to say, I was pissed. I still had a couple of weeks left on my nine-month lease, damnit.

So, rebel that I was, when they asked for a picture, I made sure I gave the doctor the shaft.

My first shaft!

Too sexy for my PJs

But, I eventually got over that and, you know, I even turned out pretty cute. Not to mention damn smart. Here I am pondering the Cartesian theorem of existence.

I even smiled once in a while. Usually when some babe was bending over to pick me up. Those cheeks were irresistible -- and I unscrupulously used them to my advantage. I was young, not stupid. To this day, I'll gladly trade a couple of sore cheeks for a few wet kisses. Those moronic baby noises I can do without, though.

Pinch my cheeks!

Reading is fundamental

I noticed early on that my charming good looks were exceeding my intelligence (look at me, how could they not?). So, I decided to start reading. Here I am boning up on nuclear physics.
In my pursuit of higher intelligence, though, I was sure not to neglect any of my female fans. Here I am at the beach giving them a free peek at my pecs.
All the while, though, I was pondering the applications of that blue bucket in my ongoing experiments with cold fusion. I would've achieved it, but the handle broke off and my mom replaced it with a red bucket -- everyone knows that red just isn't sufficient when working with sub-atomic particles.

Flexing my pecs

Future nerd

All that thinking finally got to me. I didn't care about combing my hair or the fact that my mom was dressing me like a movie theater usher. Here I am putting another book down just long enough so that crazy woman could snap another picture of me. Unfortunately, I didn't notice geekiness was starting to sneak up on me.
By my elementary school graduation, it was all gone. No more pinched cheeks, no more sloppy kisses -- I couldn't even get anyone to straighten out my friggin' tie.
And it's been downhill since then. So, all you moms out there -- beware! Don't let your kids peak too early. Or they'll turn out like me. When I say "the good ol' days," I'm talking about when I was three.



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