My Excellent Hiking Adventure
What happened when we tried walking through the woods


We were in the middle of nowhere when we realized that were completely lost. Luckily, the three of us had already finished the two cases of beer we brought along -- it made Tricia's load much lighter. After a couple of hours of wandering around, we realized that the only way to a main road was up a steep mountainside.
I made it up first.

Al... most... there...

Oh sh*t!

Phil was next. About halfway up he started to run out of gas. When he looked the weakest, I yelled down to him, "Go, go, go! Fight, fight, fight! You a weak-knee'd, lily-livered, sissy-girl. Get your ass up here!"
I guess my encouragement worked, because he eventually got to the point where I was able to climb down part-way and drag him to the top -- saving his life.

I gotcha Phil!

Rainwater in NY tastes best!

Tricia, exhausted, was too thirsty to go on. We tried to convince her to try -- we called her names like, "girlie-girl," "pansy," and "long-haired freak." But nothing we tried worked. She just could not do it; she couldn't make the climb that would save her.

Boy, I miss her.


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