RedRock, RedRock
Road trip from Phoenix to the red rocks of Sedona


Why are we slowing down?

After a F&G conference, Mary, Empy and I decided to take a drive to Sedona -- the place famous for it's red cliffs and noted for being a center of spiritual energy.
Since we couldn't tap into that energy, we ran out of gas about five miles from our destination. Luckily, a little town was only a mile away, so I walked through the desert, alone,  to find a gas station and some help.

We visited a church that was actually built into one of the cliffs.
Here we are on the path to that church.

What a view.


This is what Sedona is all about. I'm glad Empy made me give back the two tickets to that year's NBA All-Star Jamboree -- you know, the all-day event before the All-Star Game that features the Three-Point Shootout and the Slam-Dunk Contest.

More great scenery from Sedona. 

Too bad about the clouds.

Where's the red?

Not much red behind us, but still a great shot.


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