Get Together
Whenever there's a bunch of us, you know there'll be more people in the pictures.


Friends: The people who annoy you the least.

If you're a girl, stick your left foot out.

"If you're a fool -- look this way!"  

Who's that jerk facing the wrong way?

Don't f*** with us. Oh damn, we're stepping on the daisies.

Yeah... we bad... we bad.

Picnic Area No. 3... 
of the Institute of Mental Incapacity 

Smells like piss in here.

This pole feels good against my thigh.

Hey, you with the camera... get us outta here!


Somebody make sure Tricia doesn't turn around.

She has no idea what's behind her.

Great glutes!

Matt & Sue's Wedding 

I see the bride... but, which one is the groom?


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