Tattoo You
Voluntary, permanent disfiguring of your own body... cool, huh?



My first tattoo -- a yin-yang (how original) on my chest.
Columbus Day Weekend, 1991 in Tannersville, NY.
Felt like a knife digging into my nipple.

What a physique! Sorry girls... didn't mean to turn you on.

My second tattoo -- the Sancho Panza
from Picasso's Don Quixote.
Somewhere north of Woodstock, Columbus Day Weekend, 1996

I was able to keep my shirt on this time. (You're welcome, ladies.)

Relax... relax... relax...

The tattoo artist looked scary, but did a good job --
relatively painless, too. 

Whaddya mean, oops!?!

The finished product. And yes, I shaved my leg. 
Next scheduled tattoo -- Columbus Day Weekend, 2001.
(That's every five years for you math whizzes.)

Quick, take a picture before it starts bleeding again!


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