Baltimore Road Trip
Going to the game at Camden Yards


At least we're going in the right direction

One summer day, a few of us decided to go to a ball game. A ball game in Baltimore's Camden Yards. ROAD TRIIIIIP!

ME:  Are we there yet?

PHIL:  Not far now. 

Baltimore's a nice town, except for the dead rats in the gutter

That's me in the white hat and red Fordham shirt

We were able to scalp tickets at the stadium. All you've got to do there is hold your hand up and stick out as many fingers as tickets you need.
Strange thing, though. Whenever I tried to talk a cute girl, she'd tell me she needed one ticket. It seems that a lot of girls go to games by themselves in Baltimore.

PHIL:  Why is Kelvin standing in the rain?

Damned tourists. 

...and out comes the tarp

Does this bird have a name?

Phil's bird is pretty big, huh?.
This isn't from Camden Yards, but this is the only baseball- related page on my site, so I figured, what the hell.

The left field foul pole from the new Comiskey Park in Chicago.

Is "left field" one word?


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