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Faulkner & Gray
Started as a Piss Boy, now I manage Piss Boys

Almost five years at this job. I hope they spell my name right on that five-year anniversary clock. Ooops, time for another Mktg-Ops meeting at the Harp!


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Cruise & Vacation Views
Entry-level Piss Boy

I wrote an article for this magazine. They sent me to the Caribbean on a seven-day cruise for which I had to write a review. So, on the seventh day, I worked. The article became a two-page spread in the March/April 1993 issue. (Now a collector's item -- when the collector is me, that is.)


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Part-time Piss Boy that couldn't find a real job

For a co-worker's birthday, I actually put 30 candles on a six-inch cake. Several small flames quickly turned into a huge flame that flared about two feet. No fire alarms, but that's the last time I'll ever do that.


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Barnes & Noble
Part-time Piss Boy trying to pay for school

Dunking a wad of paper over a piece of shelving was always fun. Until I got my ring caught on it and it ripped two flaps of flesh off either side of my finger. I spent my lunch hour pushing in those two flaps while pulling off the ring. Talk about bloody messes.


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