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W h e r e   I   l i v e ,   w h e r e   y o u    v i s i t


Welcome to my Basement Apartment. I'm glad to have you.

What you're looking at is my second attempt at a decent website. I'm glad many of you enjoyed my first website (by the way, thanks for the kind words) -- you can still check out my old site (Kelvin's Cubiffice) by clicking here or following the link below.

What's different about this new site? Well, there are a lot less pictures -- that's because I took the best ones from the first 28 1/2 years of my life and put them up in the Cubiffice. Now, that's not to say there ain't a bunch of new pictures here; I did post some taken since the first site, some older ones that have been "found," and a whole lot of contributions or pictures that weren't in my possession back then. What's new are the pages dedicated to some of my personal interests. Another thing I've tried to throw in here are more geeky stuff -- java scripts, cascading logos, links to other pages -- all sorts of web stuff I saw on other sites that I thought were cool.

What it comes down to is that this site is about ME. That's right, ME, dammit. Why? Who spent countless days and nights putting this page together? ME! Who busted his ass learning Microsoft FrontPage? ME! Who took the time and effort to master different graphics programs to make this site as aesthetically pleasant as possible? ME! Who used the thesaurus to find "aesthetic"? ME! Who used up all the good pictures on his last page? ME! Who has no discernible life of his own? That's right, ME! Who went out and got me this FrontPage program? OK, that was Paul -- but enough about him. Let's move on.

One note: Once inside, you should use the NAVIGATION PAGE to get around, this page is here just for show.

The bad news is that I still only have this many friends: 

You'd think, as popular as I am, the counter would look something more like this: 

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Do you know what happens when you hit RELOAD or REFRESH on this page? Try it and find out. Then try it again, and again.

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